Serialization is the assignment of a predetermined type of coding to each item of the product (base unit, case and pallet).

A serialization code can be defined starting from the customer's internal logic or following international or government regulations

A serial code may contain:

  • the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU),
  • the lot number,
  • the expiry date,
  • the date of production
  • the line and plant
  • a progressive number


  • the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) of the product, assigned according to GS1 standard
  • a progressive number


  • prefix of the company, assigned by GS1
  • a progressive number



Vericode contains a serialization and encoding engine that can be integrated with:

  • RFid labels
  • Labels with Qrcode and holograms or 3M security systems
  • Dynamic printing machines
  • Machines for the coding of bottles, caps and ferrules.